Within the Archdiocese of St Andrew’s and Edinburgh anybody wishing to marry must inform the parish priest at least six months in advance of the intended date of the marriage.  There are no marriages on Good Friday or Holy Saturday of any year.


The Sacrament of Baptism must be by arrangement with Fr Franco, Fr Nicholas or Fr Dominic.  At least one of the Godparents/Sponsors must be a practising member of the Catholic Church.  In the case of the Baptism of infants, one of the requesting parents should be Catholic.  Please avoid Baptisms during Lent.


Because we celebrate Mass in four churches, it would be helpful when requesting a Mass to be said for a specific reason, that a Mass Intention Envelope be used for each request detailing the name for whom the Mass is to be offered for, the church in which you would like the Mass to be celebrated and the purpose of the intention ie death, anniversary, special intention etc.  These envelopes are available in all our churches.  Although it is not always possible to fulfil every request, Father Franco, Father Nicholas and Fr Dominic will endeavour to accommodate each